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Become a Licensed Barber

Registered Barber / Master Hair Care

On-The-Job Training Program 

There is no doubt that jobs todays can be up and down . So why not learn a trade that will open a window of endless opportunities?! The Barbering/Master Hair Care Specialist program is designed to prepare students to become a Registered Barber or a Master Hair Care Specialist.

Registered Barbers focus of the art of haircutting and shaves while Master Hair Care specialist can perform techniques such as:

•hair cutting

• styling

•facial treatments

•trimming and shaving of facial hair

•use of straight razor

•chemical hair relaxing



•Permanent waves

•Hair pieces/weaves

Registered barber and master haircare specialist applicants must complete 1920 hours of on-the-job training under a licensed barber instructor in a licensed barbershop and are then required to pass the theory and practical NIC examination.

Students will complete a curriculum with both theory and practical hands on assignments in reference to Milady Standard Barbering 6th Edition . You will be provided a Milady Textbook, workbook and exam review work book as well as a full kit with all the tools, supplies and materials needed to complete the program as well as pass state board .

Program Cost !

Best Deal!!!

Pay the full amount upfront for discounted rate of $7000


Secure your seat with $2000 non refundable deposit that goes towards your program cost. $500 monthly for 12 months. This plan gets you your full kit up front. Total cost $8000.


Secure your seat for $500 Fee. This will also secure your textbooks and cover cost for paperwork to start program. Full Kit will be provided after 90 days into the program. $345 biweekly payments until completion of the program . Total cost  $9500.


OJT Training Curriculum

Student Permit Application​

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